Amy Katz and School of Living Dreams
Amy leads vision quests and also does dream interpretations based on Carl Jung's teachings. I have done a vision quest with her and it changed my life....check her out!
The center for Touch Drawing
A wonderful place to visit and do workshops or just visit on the web for inspiring imagery....a great way to exercise and inspire creativity!
New Moon Visions
Mara Friedman is another amazing artist that is embracing and empowering the sacred feminine.
Susun Weed
A Goddess of herbal wisdom and healing the Wise Woman Way
Alaska Wellness Magazine
Ellen Million Graphics
Ellen is a rockstar in the fantasy art world...and an amazing web designer.
White Raven Center
Core Emotional Healing Center
The Heart Institute
A group of amazing Alaskan healers networking to make a difference.
Walk In Beauty
A wonderfully empowering and spiritually guided place of ceremony, love, and the appreciation of the sacred Feminine
Alaska Family Health and Birth Center
Walker Karraa
Walker Karraa is a doctoral student at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. She is a birth doula, maternal mental health advocate, and researcher. She currently writes for the Lamaze research blog, Science and Sensibility. She presents at conferences, trainings, and organizational retreats pertaining to perinatal psychology, postpartum mood disorders, childbirth education, and labor support.
We Moon and Mother Tongue Ink
A wonderful group of women that produce astrological/lunar calendars full of artworks and writings from women all over the world.
Melissa Mitchell
Anchorage based singer songwriter full of spirit, love, and a whole lotta soul!
Reve Femmes
This is a French Publishing Company committed to publishing writing and artwork about womyn, womyn's issues and the Sacred Feminine.
Dos Manos Art Gallery
A fabulous gallery in midtown Anchorage, Alaska
Galax City Gallery
The Riff Raff Arts Collective
A funky and ecclectic gallery in Princeton, WV
Visionary Growth Gallery and Farm
Athens, Georgia's very own visionary art gallery and organic pig farm.
Calypso Farm and Ecology Center
A wonderful organic farm and ecological education center in lovely Ester, Alaska.
Erama Schmid
Talented Sound Healer and documentary productionist.
Earthsong Sanctuary
Rashani Rea created this beautiful women's sanctuary and retreat center....I lived there for 2 months and it was heart expanding and extremely growth inspiring.
Lucy Calhoun - artist
Artist extraordinaire, Lucy Calhoun captures the deeply nurturing and rooted parts of what it means to be feminine. Her work stirs my soul in the same way that a days work in the garden, working the earth and being nourished by having your hands in it does!
Krista Lynn Brown
An amazing visionary artist from Sebastapol, California.
Moon Woman Rising!
This is a website full of inspiration and empowerment for women of all ages! Aja is really making a big difference in a profoundly positive way to "Honor the Feminine Divine"...In Joy!
Midwifery Today Magazine
A wonderful magazine devoted to natural birth, midwifery, home birthing, and doulas. It includes in each issue wonderful artwork and photography related to birth and safe and healthy birth practices.
MOONbow ARTworks Blog
This is my blog...although I don't ramble to often. There is art, music and interviews with other artists to be found there. In Joy!
Awake Now Records
A wonderfully progressive record label, put together by a powerful woman...Michelle McAfee. They handle lots of deeply spirit filled musicians, as well as being a part of a group doing musical outreach work in the American prison system.
One Soul
One Soul is a Collective of Singer/Songwriters, Musicians, Poets and Artists dedicated to connecting and uplifting communities through Art and Music.
Wendy Vigdor Hess
Nutritionist, mother, Well Coach, Certified Reiki Master, author of "Sweetness Without Sugar, and an all around amazing woman from the Charlottesville Virginia area.
Suzanne Mathis McQueen - Four Seasons in Four Weeks
Author of "Four Seasons in Four Weeks - Nature's Guiding Rhythm for Woman's Sacred Vessel" an exciting new book coming out Summer of 2012. This book is a "symbolic journey through the approximate 28 days of the female cycle, 4s4w reveals a logical and holistic blueprint that is easy for anyone to understand. Using non-technical, comfortable, and positive terms, the sacred feminine finally returns to empower and center women, enlightening all to the importance of a woman’s energy, sex, and mental-rejuvenation recycling process."
FireFish Gallery
A lovely little Womyn owned gallery right on the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Sacred Plant Traditions
A wonderful herbal school, run by the illustrious Kathleen Maier in beautiful Charlottesville, Virginia.

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